I love patterns. Whether it’s just repeated marks, or intricate florals, patterns have a way of taking the viewer into an imaginary realm with no borders, a story with color and rythm as the main characters. I’ve chosen Spoonflower as my main print-on-demand source for fabrics, and I encourage you to go visit! You can also get the patterns as wallpaper, or on various home décor items.

“Saur-ta Wild,” 2022. I just recently decided to explore dinosaurs, and wow! They’re fascinating! For this pattern, I used ferns for the background, and added Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Apatosaur, Velociraptor, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, and Mososaur skeletons.

“Farm,” 2022. This cute little farm pattern was actually quite a challenge, trying to get the stripes alternated and a good light/dark visual balance. But it’s a lot of fun—kids can look for a tractor, carrots in the field, corn, wheat, and a goose, chicken, pig, and goat.

“Rococo,” 2022. And just because I’ve been playing with more concrete patterns recently, I still have a vast love of florals—and even more, antique wallpaper patterns. I remember visiting Mark Twain’s home in Connecticut, and being fascinated by the remnants on the walls—such artistry and fine workmanship! Here’s a pattern that is so inspired.

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